Alea Jacta Est

Alternative title(s)Alea Jacta Est: Roman Civil Wars
Antiquity gameCAG
ReleaseSep 27, 2012
PublisherSlitherine Ltd.
GenreStrategy game; empire-building
SettingRoman history from 87 BCE to 197 CE on a large Mediterranean map, with six scenarios: ‘Tutorial’; ‘Marius vs. Sulla – 87 BC’; ‘The Great Mithridatic War – 75 BC’; ‘The Roman Civil War (Caesar vs. Pompey) – 50 BC’; ‘The Year of the Four Emperors – 68 AD’; ‘Septimius Severus – 193 AD’
Notable charactersBMarius, Sulla, Mithridates, Caesar, Pompey, Septimius Severus, SpartacusDLC, HannibalDLC
DLCCantabrian Wars (2014), Spartacus 73 BC (2014), Birth of Rome (2015), Hannibal Terror of Rome (2015), Parthian Wars (2015)


Anglade, L. (2018). ‘La représentation de l’Antiquité dans les jeux vidéo dits historiques’ in F. Bièvre-Perrin & É. Pampanay (eds.), Antiquipop. La reference à l’Antiquité dans la culture populaire contemporaine. Lyon [online]: MOM Editions, 160-74.

Clare, R. (2018). ‘Ancient Greece and Rome in Videogames: Representation, Player Processes, and Transmedial Connections’. Doctoral Thesis.

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