The Fall of Rome

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
PublisherASP Software Ltd.
DeveloperM. Edwards, P. Rawling
Platform(s)Atari 400/800, Acorn BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Dragon 32, ZX Spectrum
GenreStrategy game; empire-building
SettingMultiple provinces and hostile nations during the late Roman Empire: Italia, Gallia, Britannia, Hispania, Illyria, Africa, Pontus, Asia, Thracia, Macedonia, Dacia, Orientis, Aegyptus, Hibernia, Caledonia, Phazania, Frisia, Helvetia, Germania, Moravia, Moesia, Bosporus, Sarmatia, Arabia, Armenia, Persia
Notable charactersB


Lowe, D. (2009). ‘Playing with Antiquity: Videogame Receptions of the Classical World’ in D. Lowe & K. Shahabudin (eds.), Classics for All: Reworking Antiquity in Mass Culture. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 64-90.

Additional keywords

history, turn-based

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