Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
ReleaseMar 3, 2011 (discontinued Jul 27, 2011; later re-designed as a single-player experience)
PublisherTrue Games, Petroglyph Games
DeveloperPetroglyph Games
ModeMultiplayer (later single-player)
GenreAction-adventure; massively multiplayer online game; role-playing game; hero-based
SettingMythological storyworld based on Ancient Greek mythology
Notable charactersBZeus


Garfield, A.; Manders, A. (2019). ‘Video Games, Homer to Hesiod: What Ancient Greek Content Do Video Game Players See?’ in Proceedings of the 2019 11th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers, 190-195.

Serrano Lozano, D. (2020). ‘Ludus (Not) Over. Video Games and the Popular Perception of Ancient Past Reshaping’ in C. Rollinger (ed.), Classical Antiquity in Video Games. New York: Bloomsbury, 48-61.

Additional keywords

myth, gods, monsters

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