NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
ReleaseJun 19, 2009
PublisherOver The Top Games
DeveloperOver The Top Games
Platform(s)WiiWare; Mac OS X, Windows (2010); iOS (2011); Android (2019)
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer (co-op on WiiWare)
GenrePlatformer; hero-based
SettingMythological storyworld based on Greek mythology; includes settings like Olympia, Aeolia, Thessaly, Argos?, Delphi, Mount Parnassos and Arcadia
Notable charactersBNyx, Icarus, Zeus, Helios, Hestia, Aeolus, Argos?


Clare, R. (2018). ‘Ancient Greece and Rome in Videogames: Representation, Player Processes, and Transmedial Connections’. Doctoral Thesis.

Lowe, D. (2012). ‘Always Already Ancient: Ruins in the Virtual World’ in T. S. Thorsen (ed.), Greek and Roman Games in the Computer Age. Trondheim: Akademika Publishing, 53-90.

Additional keywords

side-scrolling, puzzle

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