Update #3 (Mar 28, 2021)

Full update notes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Time for the third database update! This update adds 40 new games to the database, as well as additional information for twelve other games and various new references. Several mistakes to the database have also been corrected. I realize this update comes considerably later than the previous two, and I hope to increase the frequency of these updates in the future.

We’ve seen several interesting releases since the last update. For one, Immortals Fenyx Rising came out in December, and it has already received two DLC packs (A New God and Myths of the Eastern Realm). In January, Persephone released on Steam (although the game has been around on mobile platforms since 2018): the game has Persephone embark on a voyage through the Greek Underworld to reunite with Hades. Death is a prominent gameplay mechanic and you’ll see your character die hundreds of times trying to solve the game’s many puzzles. The relationship of Persephone and Hades is also the subject of Kore, released in January as well. Kore is a short, 20 minute stealth game created by students from the University of Central Florida and boasts especially beautiful voice-acting performances. And best of all: it’s free!

The database, too, has undergone some changes in recent months. First off, the site now has a logo! The logo combines the π of Paizomen (παίζομεν) with the shape of a video game controller. I am very grateful to my friend Nicolas Rulkin (@captainquestionart) for the beautiful design!

The Paizomen logo.

Secondly, our domain name has also changed to http://www.paizomen.com. The site should be easier to find now. With this domain upgrade also come several other WordPress features for which I currently lack the required technical knowledge but that I will try out in the future. First on the list is making sure that the logo is displayed on the website in the way that I would like it to be (this is apparently harder than one would assume), and to get rid of some basic WordPress components. Finally, Paizomen now also has a Steam Community group, which can be found here. Come say hi and come chat about video games!

Just like the previous updates, this one received considerable help. I am extremely grateful to David Serrano Lozano, Jordy Orellana F., Christian Rollinger and Vincent Mespoulet for sharing their material and for giving me several tips on how to improve the website. I haven’t been able to include all of their suggestions yet, but hope to work them into the site in the months to come. As already said, I hope to launch the next update a little bit faster than this one and if everything goes according to plan, the next update will have a specific theme… By Toutatis!

Click here to see the full extent of the update.

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