Legions: Conquest and Diplomacy in the Ancient World

Alternative title(s)Legions
Antiquity gameEAG
PublisherMindscape Inc.
DeveloperMindscape Inc.
Platform(s)Macintosh, Windows 3.x
GenreStrategy game; empire-building
SettingVarious historical scenarios, including “The Peloponnesian Wars: 445 B.C.”, “Alexander’s Legacy: 323 B.C.”, “Rome: 509 B.C.”, Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul: 58 B.C.” and “Sick Man of Europe: 440 A.D.”, next to scenarios set in other time periods and locations
Notable charactersBLeonidas, Themistocles, Perdiccas, Neoptolemus, Alcetas, Cleitos, Seleucos, Lysimachus, Antipatros, Ptolemy, Antigonos/-us, Eumenes, Krateros, Servius, Porsenna, Caesar, Vercassivellaunus (Ariovistus and Dumnorix are also present but assigned to historically inaccurate factions)


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