Theseus and the Minotaur

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
Platform(s)Apple II
GenreMaze game; hero-based
SettingThe labyrinth of Minos
Notable charactersBTheseus, Minotaur, Ariadne


Planells de la Maza A.J. (2019). ‘The Symbolic Labyrinth in the Mythogame: The Axes Minos-Daedalus and Theseus-Minotaur in the Contemporary Video Game‘ in N. Zagalo, A. Veloso, L. Costa & Ó. Mealha Ó (eds), Videogame Sciences and Arts. 11th International Conference, VJ 2019, Aveiro, Portugal, November 27–29, 2019, Proceedings. Springer: Cham, 238-247.

Additional keywords

myth, hero, monster

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