Total War Arena

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameEAG
ReleaseFeb 22, 2018 (discontinued on Feb 22, 2019)
PublisherSega, Wargaming
DeveloperCreative Assembly
GenreStrategy game; massively multiplayer online game; empire-building
SettingThe player can play as four factions: Rome (Republic and Empire), Greece (Hellenic), Barbarians and Carthage on thirteen maps: Thermopylae, Marathon, Salernum, Germania, Rubicon, Alpis Graia, Gergovia, Hadrian’s Wall, Capitoline Hill, Passage of Augustus, Teutoburg Forest, Oasis and Capua.
Notable charactersBJulius Caesar, Germanicus, Scipio Africanus, Sulla, Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Miltiades, Cynane, Arminius, Vercingetorix, Boudica, Ambiorix, Hannibal, Hasdrubal


Coert, J. (2018). ‘Der digitale furor Teutonicus. Zur Rezeption von Germanenbildern im Videospiel am Beispiel von Total War: Rome II‘ in thersites 7, 58-106.

Additional keywords

history, real-time

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