Depths of Fear :: Knossos

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
ReleaseApr 4, 2014
PublisherDigital Tribe
DeveloperDirigo Games
Platform(s)Mac OS X, Windows
GenreAction-adventure; role-playing game; hero-based
SettingThe Labyrinth of Crete
Notable charactersBTheseus, Minos, Daedalus, Cerberus, Medusa, Hydra, Minotaur


Clare, R. (2018). ‘Ancient Greece and Rome in Videogames: Representation, Player Processes, and Transmedial Connections’. Doctoral Thesis.

Teng, W.-H.; Lin, M.-T.; Guo, S.-W.; Chao, C.K. (2016). ‘A Visual Study of Characters in Video Games – the Role of Half-Human in Greek as an Example’ in 2016 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI), 1-4.

Additional keywords

myth, hero, monsters, horror

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