Wrath of the Gods

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameCAG
Platform(s)Mac OS, Windows
GenreAction-adventure game; hero-based
SettingA mythological version of Ancient Greece; Hades
Notable charactersBChiron, Hydra, Sciron, Charon, Hercules, Orpheus, Theseus, Cerberus, Pluto, Jason, Perseus, Graeae, Periphetes/Corynetes, Cyclops, Aeetes, Tantalus, Medusa, Hermes, Athena, Dionysus, Pegasus, Chimaera, Sisyphus, Pan, Argus, Caenus, Hera, Minos, Daedalus, Ariadne, Dione, Atlas, Minotaur, Zeus


Additional keywords

hero, gods, myth, monsters

Click here to play the game.

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