Europa Barbarorum II

Alternative title(s)
Antiquity gameEAG
ReleaseAug 25, 2014
PublisherEuropa Barbarorum Development Team
DeveloperEuropa Barbarorum Development Team
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer
GenreStrategy game; empire-building
SettingSee Rome: Total War. The player can also play as non-Roman factions.
Notable charactersBSee Rome: Total War.

This game is a ‘realism mod’ for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms that covers the same period of Rome: Total War‘s Imperial Campaign. See


Anglade, L. (2018). ‘La représentation de l’Antiquité dans les jeux vidéo dits historiques’ in F. Bièvre-Perrin & É. Pampanay (eds.), Antiquipop. La reference à l’Antiquité dans la culture populaire contemporaine. Lyon [online]: MOM Editions, 160-74.

Additional keywords

mod, history

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